Updates and Recaps

I just finished reading the first two chapters of a pathology book, not really sure if I’ve retained a couple of details, but I’m keeping my fingers braided and crossed. Or I’ll probably try sleeping with the book as my pillow, hoping for osmosis to work. Corny. Forgive me. Well, I’m not here to complain… Read More Updates and Recaps


Making Maki

Maki is a Japanese dish of sushi and raw vegetables wrapped in a seaweed sheet aka nori. It is from “maku”, which means “to wrap/roll” for the obvious reason of wrapping it in nori. I love Japanese food especially the maki! And I love having the privilege to make my own food too! This afternoon me… Read More Making Maki

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Ramadan in Dubai

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from dawn to sunset. For non-Muslims, as a respect for the people who fast, eating, drinking or smoking in public should be avoided. If you’re planning to go to Dubai on Ramadan, no worries, with proper etiquette you can still enjoy… Read More Ramadan in Dubai

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A Day in Bangkok

Bangkok is literally and factually the world’s hottest city. Our second day in Thailand was spent in Bangkok. We went to the Grand Palace in the morning, shopping in the afternoon and food tripping in between. The Grand Palace in Bangkok is undoubtedly a must see in a any travel guide. According to my research,… Read More A Day in Bangkok