A Day in Bangkok


Bangkok is literally and factually the world’s hottest city. Our second day in Thailand was spent in Bangkok. We went to the Grand Palace in the morning, shopping in the afternoon and food tripping in between.

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is undoubtedly a must see in a any travel guide. According to my research, this marvelous palace was built in 1782 and since then, for more than a hundred years it became the official residence of Thai Kings. The Palace serves as the heart of the Kingdom of Thailand.

The Grand Palace is open every day from 8:30 to 3:30, unless it’s being used for a state function, which is quite rare. The entrance rate to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Central Court of the Grand Palace is 500 Baht or 13.37 USD.


Remember, there is a strict dress code for visiting the Grand Palace! Visitors should be properly dressed before entry to the temple. You must wear long pants and shirts with sleeves. No tank tops. If you’re wearing sandals or flip-flops you must wear socks, in other words, no bare feet. See-through clothes, bare shoulders, and the like are also not allowed.

If you show up at the front gate improperly dressed, there is a booth near the entry that can provide clothes to cover you up properly. Or you can just buy new patterned clothes. 😉


Amazing! Every wall, statues, columns and pagodas are so detailed and defined. It’s a must see!

We had a late lunch after the visit in a restaurant just across the palace. Most people know pad thai, right? It was the first food I wanted to eat in Thailand. And I had Pad Thai for breakfast so I ordered a different kind of food and I forgot what it’s called. It’s basically a cuisine like Pad Thai, but with a fatter type of noodles.


One thing to describe Bangkok: CHEAP. Shopping is sinful in Bangkok. We started from 3pm to 7pm. Bangkok has all kinds of places to blow your baht. With everything from antiquities and the latest pair of trainers to designer jewelry available, Bangkok has an equally exhaustive, and potentially exhausting, variety of things to buy. It’s crazy! Period.


We rode a Tuk-Tuk, which is a Thai version of a cab.

We first got an authentic Thai massage, which I though would break my bones and tear all my muscles and be so sore in the morning, but it didn’t! It was great, I highly recommend getting a Thai massage.

Then for dinner we ordered the Tom Yum, a Thai sinigang, and another reaaaally spicy cuisine. I cried but it was soooo good!


Our Thailand experience was thrilling, enjoyable and definitely cheap! I cannot wait to go back!

Thank you for sponsoring this trip, Mama and Papa! <3


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