Eating in a Sky Restaurant and Feeding Trained Elephants in Thailand


(NOTE: this blog post is long way overdue, I wasn’t able to post it, it’s been in the draft for 2 years, my apologies)

This was my first time going to Thailand. It didn’t seem that big of an adjustment though, because the place, the people and the weather were very much alike with the Philippines. This trip was part of my graduation gift. Thank you, Mama and Papa <3.

We spent 3 whole days here, and a good thing about this trip was that my mother’s college friend lives in Bangkok, and was so nice to let us live in their home for 3 days. Her friend, Tito Norman, speaks fluent Thai and is one of the kindest people ever. He made our itinerary too, so the whole trip was such a breeze (and cheap).

Baiyoke Sky Hotel

We landed in Suvarnabhumi Airport, took a cab to Bangkok proper and met Tito Norman in Baiyoke Sky Hotel, which is the tallest building in Thailand. He got us dinner reservations in the hotel’s sky restaurant. It’s on the 78th floor and the view is without a doubt very satisfying!

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Seeing Bangkok’s busy streets and other lighted establishments is such a sight and quite fancy. It’s a buffet and they have international cuisines, from Asian to European. I’ve never eaten buffet with a view like this, so that experience was unforgettable.


Nong Nooch Garden, Pattaya

The next day, we took a cab to Pattaya which is another city in Thailand. The travel time was 4 whole hours because of the massive traffic, we were moving 40-60kph only and sometimes it was a full stop for 20 minutes or so, no kidding.  I learned many Thai phrases from the taxi driver. Like:

Yu mak mak – I’m hungry
*it’s the only one I can remember

The travel time from Bangkok to Pattaya was totally worth it because Nong Nooch Tropical Garden was so beautiful, lush and definitely Instagrammable in all directions. I’m pretty excited about going to this place because I heard there will be elephaaaants too!!!


Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is one of the biggest botanical gardens in Southeast Asia. According to Wikipedea, Nong Nooch is actually a private garden that was meant to be a fruit plantation when the land was first purchased in 1954, but the owner, Mrs. Nongnooch Tansacha became inspired by other botanical gardens after traveling the world, and decided to have one of her own on her newly-purchased land instead. The Nong Nooch Gardens opened to the public in 1980, and has now become a popular tourist attraction managed by Mrs. Tansacha’s son, Mr. Kampon Tansacha. Thanks Wikipedea.


There are three different gardens or major sites: Botanical Garden, Animal Kingdom and the Cultural Theater. I honestly cannot remember how much we paid for the day pass, that’s why google was invented! The entrance rate for adults is 300 Baht and for kids it’s 150 Baht. Not bad, right? There are food stalls and restaurants inside which offer reasonable prices as well.


We watched the cultural show, but I don’t have good photos of it because I’m lame. Sorry. But it’s a good show to be honest! I liked the Muay Thai scene and the lady boys part.

In the Animal Kingdom, this tiger will welcome you. We paid 100 Baht for a 2-minute photo op. It was scary, but my gut told me that it’s just once in a lifetime. Haha!

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And finally, seeing the elephants!!! The elephant show would probably be the highlight of this visit. The baby elephants are just so cute and so entertaining!!!


Yes, they are well trained. The guy at the back wasn’t even saying a command or something, he just snapped and the elephants knew their timing! Legitimately scared for my life, I’ve seen animals gone wild guys, don’t tell me there’s not a single risk at what I entered.


And when they needed volunteers, my mom literally dragged me to be one. I had no idea what will happen, the guy just told me to lay down on that mat. After 5 seconds a lined up herd of elephants was walking to me, I thought I was going to be squished!!!

thai version of halo-halo

Thailand is unforgettable. I am so grateful for my parents for the trip, and much big thanks to Tito Norman for translating, for touring us, and for letting us stay in his home.

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I felt like this blog post is too long if I put in the other places we went to, so I’ll post another blog post for the other places we went to. That was extremely repetitive. Okay bye.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

All photos are mine.


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