May Favorites

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They say that the month of May is the last but often considered the brightest month of the spring season, oh and it’s my birth month! (u just gotta slide that in huh nina?) Anyway, I told myself that I’d either clean and organize the files in my laptop or post something on this blog before the end of this month, obviously I chose the latter.

I don’t really know what to share so I’m just gonna write my top May favorites. Read on!

  1. Location by Khalid

    This song is perfect, like you have no idea. If you haven’t listened to it, you’re missing out. This song was introduced to me by my sister. No day have passed without listening, singing, or humming this song. The artist, Khalid, as narrated by my sister, was awarded as “Most Likely to Get a Platinum” on his high school graduation and now, he actually got his Platinum! Dream big, guys! Mr. Khalid if ever you’re reading this, know that you’re not just a May favorite but is surely an all year round fave. <3

  2. Kite Beach

    Dubai is an ever-changing city. When we moved to Dubai 10 years ago, this city was filled with cranes, construction sites were everywhere! This Kite Beach didn’t exist as beautiful as it is now! Where can you find a clean free beach, with shower areas and changing rooms for free, plus the benches and tables in the Philippines? And let me mention the 5km running lane!!! The waves here are kinda huge, it’s also a reason why I love this beach. We go here every weekend (Fridays and Saturdays).


  3. Aloe Vera Gel

    If you have seen me 6 months ago, I have an average clear skin, I seldom get pimples, and of I do it’ll be gone in 3-4 days. Well, tables turn. One day last January I got a facial and holy smokes my face reacted violently. Seriously, I am not exaggerating here. I got breakouts after breakouts. I’ve tried many products already to be honest, but Aloe Vera Gel has got to be my holy grail. It definitely made my acne (huhu) less aggravated. I think I’ll continue lathering this and hope for the best. Lol. My face y u do this? Haaaaaahhhh.

  4. David Dobrik and friends

    Because it’s summer I take the privilege of binge watching Youtube videos, and David’s vlogs are my fave. I just love this guy and his friends! They’re literally the kind of people I wish I’m friends with. I usually get bored when I watch vlogs, but to be honest he makes super entertaining videos that I don’t even realize I’ve been watching them for more than 2 hours straight.

That’s it.

Sorry if it’s such a short list. I apparently don’t have anything to add anymore! Oops.

Hope y’all are having a great summer! Don’t forget to spread the love! Oh, I’d like to say congratulations to everyone, whether you just graduated, or bought your very first car. Congrats on surviving life, day by day. I’m happy for all of you, for real!!!

Okay, I need to manage the files in my laptop.


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