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Hello! My name is Nina Vennor Pascua, a 22-year old medical student. This is a blog that concerns about my personal collection of memories, feelings, places I have been to, and observations of whatever strike my fancy.

Welcome to my blog!

I started blogging when I was in middle school. I didn’t have a good platform to advertise my blog, more so a good content. I remember writing about how to cure pimples or something. Haha! I obviously didn’t stick to blogging because: 1) I had no idea what to write about; 2) Maintaining my grades mattered more to me, I was kind of a perfectionist so every time I posted something, I thought that it should always be perfect so it took a long time to actually create a single blog post.

When I reached college, I wanted to share my experiences on living alone, being independent, being away from home. That time I already knew what to write about, and I thought the blog could be like a public journal, and hoping at the back of my mind that I would somehow inspire other people. It was then entitled “Tales of a Future Professional” in the domain wittynini.com. I bought the domain for a couple of years because of the blast of subscribers. People across the globe actually wanted to read my mere experiences on blood extraction and homesickness.

During my internship, I lost the interest with blogging here. Instagram turned into my alternative blog. Then I eventually graduated, got a degree, took the boards, passed the boards, started a gap year and finally I decided to revive my wordpress and changed the title to the present “n.v.pascua: not a quintessential writer” in a different, more personal domain ninavennor.com. Wrote about my travels in Europe and Asia, medical school etc,.

That’s the history of my blogging “hobby.” So yeah, it’s not really my job. Although come to think of it, if I did continue posting when I was still in middle school, got a camera and wrote about living abroad or school crushes or something, with ten thousand subscribers, I’d probably not go to medical school hahaha! Srsly.

Instagram: ninanina_nina

Inquiries: nvcpascua@gmail.com


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  1. Hi Nina!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following! I appreciate 😃
    Great blog you have 😃 looking forward to see more your posts😃❤

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