Pisa Should Be In Your Bucketlist

I know, I know, this blog post is way overdue (a year overdue), c’mon bear with me. I merely have time for yoga in med school. Hahaha not! Fine I’ll admit it, I slacked! But now I am enthusiastic to create this post, so let’s get to it, shall we?

The main reason why we went to Pisa is because experts say that the Leaning Tower of Pisa continues to lean south by 1mm. I don’t know if the calculation is actually true, but we were going to Italy, might as well see the tower before our own eyes.

Most people goes to Pisa just to see the tower. If you don’t know where the tower is once you hop off the train, follow the flow of the people, it’s most probably where they’re heading. Although the locals are really nice and friendly, asking won’t harm you a bit.

To be honest, I liked the architectural style in Pisa. It’s classic and old and feels homey.

When we finally saw the tower, I couldn’t help but laugh! I was literally laughing my ass off. I don’t know if the actual leaning got me or the crowd of tourists on their eagerness to take the classic Leaning Tower of Pisa touristy photo, or both! It was a kinda gloomy afternoon when we got there but I was so happy! Legit. Hahaha! Thinking about it now in our living room I still am kinda feeling silly about Pisa.

Thank goodness for the engineers who designed cool technology to save the Tower of Pisa for another 200 years.

Well, that’s basically what happened in Pisa. Oh, we ate gelato after. The best gelato I had in all our stay in Italy. The best!!!

All photos are mine 🙂


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