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Last year of August, I had a drastic change of hairstyle and got a pixie (aaaahhhh!). Some people liked it as much as I did and were amazed by my guts to let go of my long locks, although others preferred a mid length cut and hated the change. Whatevs.

It’s still kinda blurry on how I got into that hairdresser’s chair and how I told her to cut 12 inches off my hair. No kidding. At first I didn’t adore it because it looked too short but after a week I actually thought that it was so me!


If you’re an attention seeker, it’s a good way to get attention LOL, however it wasn’t the reason why I got the cut. Well, I didn’t have an exact reason (there was a compilation of blurry personal reasons), anyway when I sat there and said chop it off, she did and it happened. Hahaha! I still go to her every 1-2 months to get a trim. Shoutout to my super nice hairdresser, Ms. Jean of David’s Salon SM Clark! She’s my hairdresser even before my pixie sooo only Ms. Jean touches my hair. She’s legitimately amazing, obvi.

I didn’t have an exact reason (there was a compilation of blurry personal reasons).


But having short hair isn’t just about “getting attention”, being “edgy”, or not having to waste too much water, shampoo, or conditioner, there are unfortunately a list of cons of having this kind of hair:

1. Monthly Splurge


Since I got this, I’ve been to the salon 6 times. If I do continue to maintain this hair, in a year, an average of 9 salon visits are needed! That’s already the total number of haircuts I’ve had in my whole life before getting a pixie! Talk about cha-ching wastage!

2. Hairstyles


To be honest, I miss having my hair on a braid, or in a bun! I used to put my hair in different hairstyles before. Fishtail, waterfall, french braid, name it! I cannot curl my pixie without looking like I just woke up from a nightmare. My favorite accessories now are headbands (inside the house) and caps (going out to hide my hair in general).

3. Finally letting it grow


This is probably the hardest part because once the length gets into that awkward, itchy, 80s rockstar looking length, I’d be dreaaaading to get a haircut, even though I just told myself that I’m gonna let it grow out 2 days ago. Partly because I like the pampering, and partly because… I have no self control.

*end of list

I really thought there would be more to this list. Well, I haven’t dyed my hair nor rebonded it or something, my hair is basically a virgin. One reason why it’s kind of easier for me to maintain it. I mean, the trims are sufficient. I don’t use special products or something. I don’t even dry it before going out anymore because it’ll still dry out puffy and cute anyway.

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So let’s say you’re considering a pixie, but still kind of hesitant, do what I did, walk into the salon, tell your hairdresser to chop it off. Let the regretting come after. In a week, you’ll thank yourself for stepping out of that comfort zone.

However ways: long, short, mid length, pixie, every haircut has their own pros and cons, it only matters on how smooth you’ll manage it and carry it. It’s just hair, it will grow out so chill.

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But really, if you finally decide to get that pixie: parang relationships lang kung mahal mo, panindigan mo.

Hope you enjoyed reading this! I’m taking advantage of Dubai’s worth-noting internet speed, and summer free time amazingness haha!

Have a great day, y’all!


Quick update: I really want to save money this coming school year, so I realized I shouldn’t get a haircut ever. LOL. Mom you have to be proud of this.

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    1. Thank you!!! Do you also find it difficult to let your hair grow? I mean, I can’t control myself to keep getting haircuts haha!

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