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A few more days and I shall be embarking myself into the treacherous life of a medical student again, this time on my second year! It seems like it was just yesterday when I talked to my parents saying that I have decided to be a doctor, instead of taking advance classes for high school to be an accountant. Medicine and Accountancy. Two absurdly distant careers. What’s the reason of that big change of mind?

We were raised to believe in the ultimate and supreme creator, God, who knows what is best for me, and who have already written my future even before I was conceived. And so I prayed, and prayed and prayed and asked Him what is the right decision to make, what path should I take. Do you know that feeling when you ask Him and He actually listens and lets you feel that what you’re going to do is correct. As if saying, “that’s it, Nina, that’s it”. I don’t know how to explain this, but that is what I felt. As if it is really what I am supposed to do. Thankfully,  my parents are completely supportive of my dream.

None of my family members are physicians. For me, entering this path is literally entering a dark room with no light. I had 0 knowledge! On my first day in the university, most of my classmates are daughters or sons of doctors, or other medical practitioners. I only know that I want and will be a doctor. The steps and years of dedication, I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT THAT. Again, I had 0 knowledge! 

There was a time when a professor asked me if I took Medical Technology as a premed course. I said “Yes”. And then he asked me “Are your parents doctors? What’s your last name?” I said, “No, Sir, they are not doctors.” And guess what the great guy said “You should think of what you’re entering because in my personal observations students who are not children of physicians that enter medicine did not succeed in their careers.” Well, it might not sound that harsh, but the thought was like that! Having no idea what the world of medicine is, I took that seriously for some weeks. Thank God my faith is greater. My faith in myself, my faith in my dreams, and my faith in God that He will sustain me even heightened.

I continued to strive. University life is not easy, but anything is easier than medicine!!! After university and passing the boards, being a licensed clinical scientist (that sounded brainy but do not be fooled, I’m no brainiac haha!), and finally got into medical school(!!!), this is where I got to experience burning out, losing hope and losing faith. But thankfully, there will always be people who God will send to lift you up and help you. If you just look more carefully, God is talking to you through small moments that you sometimes might not notice.

So now, it’s just 4 days before my first day of second year in medicine! How am I preparing for this year? Getting all the sleep I can is one. And enjoying life as much as I can.

I want to thank my family for being so supportive. Who continuously believes in my capabilities that at times I thought am unable to unlock. And I’m extremely grateful to God for this abundant blessings and for helping me make it through all these years. <3

Started from bottom, now I’m here (0.5mm above).

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To anyone who might come across this blog post, I want you to know that you should not let anyone define your future. And that is it true you can achieve what you believe! Believe in yourself. Have faith, you are strong!

Love always,


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